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Our goal is to start with education, then expedite and streamline your loan process, customize your loan program to meet your financial goals, and become your lender for life. Please read below to see what other customers thought about their experience and see if we became their lender for life.

Every customer is asked the following 4 questions after they close:
   • Tell us a little bit about your experience with Commonwealth.
   • Do you feel you were walked through the entire loan process from Start to Finish?
   • Did we become your lender for life?
   • Will you recommend us to your friends and family?



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Updated 2/16/2018

Very Compassionate

Jess & Kevin D-K from Cape Elizabeth, ME | worked with Heather Rose
Heather has been our loan officer twice now, and we would not go anywhere else. She is patient, compassionate, and excellent at explaining complex situations to those of us not familiar with the industry. She is flexible and always willing to search for the package that best fits her clients' ...
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